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Iowa in the scuzzy spotlight

December 13, 2011

Every four years there is an intense media spotlight on Iowa leading up to the caucus. It’s now three weeks till Jan 3 and I’ve disconnected the phone and stopped watching television. The political calls, surveys, and ads are overwhelming. Bob is leaning toward Rick Santorum, the former Senator from Pennsylvania, but can’t say exactly why. Every time there is a debate, the media focuses on the other candidates and when the camera speeds past Rick, Bob says, “What’s wrong with that guy? I think I like him.” Mainly, Bob is disgusted with most of the other options.

Today, the talk in Iowa is about a story on by Stephen Bloom, a University of Iowa professor. I don’t agree with Bloom’s view of the state, but I went to Iowa State University (I have to slam the Hawkeyes a little). I moved here 30 years ago and married a native son. Bloom says the state is depressed, decaying, and has scuzzy cities. You could probably say that about any state. Pull your head out of the compost pile.

Read the story here and see what you think: clinging-to-guns-and-religion-observations-from-20-years-of-rural-iowa-life

I like the response from Raygun Shirts in Des Moines. The store’s new t-shirt is below.

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