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Spam it

December 16, 2011

Hormel Foods is in the office today to share info about their products. Did you know Spam is celebrating its 75th birthday? And it’s one of the hottest products for teenagers, thanks to social media. Nowlan has a can of Spam on his bedroom shelf that dates back about seven years. Still safe to eat, I found out.

What’s hot at Hormel? This might give you an idea on food trends in general.

1. Party trays are becoming a huge business, growing 16% a year and headed toward being a $100 million business for Hormel. We want to serve guests this time of year, but don’t have time to prepare the food.

2. Natural Choice Meats are growing 17% a year. This brand is being targeted for school lunch sandwiches. Hormel has made a commitment to gradually reduce sodium levels in its products, including Canadian bacon.

3. Pepperoni Minis are selling like crazy, and the focus of a big brand push for Hormel. The company noticed that consumers were dicing the regular pepperonis into small pieces for recipes, so the minis are a way to add a zesty flavor to many foods. Pepperoni has moved way beyond pizza.

4. Spam is the golden goose for Hormel. It’s a quirky, fun brand that social media loves. Yes, it gets picked on, but Hormel just laughs along with everyone else, all the way to the bank.

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