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Out here cooking meth and making a sock sweater for the pig

December 20, 2011

Many of us in Iowa are having a great time laughing at ourselves in light of Stephen Bloom’s nasty column in the Atlantic. The best response is by Ken Fuson at the Des Moines Register. Brilliant.

To be honest, we do have a mudroom and Bob does wear a hat and Old Spice deodorant. But we don’t use meth or own a dog that hunts.

What Bloom forgot to mention about Iowa food was ham balls, carrot jello with mayo on top, and homemade mints dyed in the school colors for graduation.

Yes, we do love our pigs. We even use old socks to make them sweaters, and train them to drink from crystal bowls. Yes, Mr. Bloom, you don’t know Iowa at all.


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