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Power steering sheep

January 9, 2012

On Saturday night Bob and I made two trips to Reese Livestock in Adel, Iowa, with our trailer full of market lambs. The buyer, Dick Reese, had a semi waiting to head to Colorado. Our 50 lambs averaged 148 pounds each. It was time to get them out of our feedlot, that’s for sure.
On the way home from the second trip a belt snapped in the truck engine and the power steering went out. Bob manhandled it around corners and back to the farm, but it wasn’t easy. I was hoping that would be the end of the old Dodge, but Bob fixed it.
This morning we loaded four more sheep into the trailer to take to our local locker. One lamb went crazy (you know what I mean if you raise sheep) and ran into the fence full speed, breaking his neck. Bob hooked him to the bucket of the tractor, got out his knife, and butchered him in front of the shop doors.
I hope the old folks in the retirement home across the street, and the school kids going by in buses, didn’t mind the Pioneer Day demonstration at the Freese Farm. I took some photos, but left the camera in my coveralls at home. Probably a good thing. I will use this tamer photo of Michelle feeding the lambs last month.

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