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The end of the land line

January 13, 2012

I officially pulled the plug on our land line today. After 24 years of use, 515-961-8716 is no longer ours. Everyone in our house has a cell phone, and the only folks calling our home phone were politicians asking for votes, universities asking for donations, or someone taking a survey. I talk to more people on Facebook and Twitter than I ever did by phone.

Our phone was bundled with internet and TV by our cable company, and every time the internet went down it knocked out our phone, too. Who needs it. When I called the cable company to unbundle and disconnect, I also axed HBO at $20 a month. We weren’t watching it.

Time to unbundle and unclutter our lives. A bit of disconnect can be a good thing.

Here’s a photo I took on the beach last summer. Aaaah. (Truth be told, I may have been on my phone when I took it.)

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