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What to doo about birds?

January 31, 2012

Des Moines has a crow problem. The loud birds swarm areas of the city by the thousands, roosting in the trees and crapping on everything. The photo below shows a car parked in the south lot of Methodist Hospital one afternoon. The smell of bird droppings was thick in the air and the mess was underfoot. That’s not a great thing to track into a hospital.

Here is a letter we received this week. Any ideas for him? What do you do to discourage birds from roosting? — Betsy

I often hear your program on the radio in my office during the lunch hour, and I find your topics and information most interesting and useful. Thanks! I have a problem that I have never heard addressed while I have been listening. A few years ago I had a 3-sided carport erected as an equiptment storage area.  It serves my purpose great, but has attracted an ever increasing flock of sparrows (hundreds of the little buggers) which eat my chicken scratch and poop on EVERYTHING.  I am interested in learning of any effective ways of significantly reducing their numbers.

Rich Claire

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