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Farmers and social media

February 7, 2012

I was honored recently to speak to the Iowa Farm Bureau about social media. The folks in the audience were part of the Speaker Corps, a volunteer group of Iowa farmers dedicated to telling agriculture’s story to the public. They are available at no charge to civic, church, school, and community groups, as well as to the news media.

The farmers in attendance had lots of questions, and we strayed off topic. What’s the hottest thing in agri-tourism? Boxes full of corn for kids to play in. Will the trend to natural and organic foods stay or fade away? Stay. What’s the best time to post something on Facebook? For farmers: 7:30 a.m. For the public: 9:30 a.m.

Here are some tips from Meredith Corporation about how to get your content seen on Facebook:

  1. Post a variety of content to attract interactions.
  2. Create a schedule that will encourage people to come back to the page as part of their social media ritual.
  3. Focus on positive and fun content.
  4. Try to respond to comments that your fans make about your content.
  5. Post regularly, but not too frequently (once or twice a day.)
  6. Post content outside of main work hours. Some Facebook fans interact more when they’re off the clock.
  7. Include images on posts you publish to make them more eye-catching.
  8. Write an appealing description for any link and photo you post, as Facebook automatically pulls this in.
  9. Post videos directly instead of links to videos so fans can watch them within Facebook.
  10. Include links to video descriptions to drive traffic back to your website.
  11.  Share photos and post photos directly to Facebook.
  12. Use Facebook features like polls or photo galleries.
  13. Refrain from using complex language or jargon in your posts.
  14. Ask questions and request feedback from fans. Make it conversational..
  15. Encourage user-generated content, including photos, comments and links.
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