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The only food I won’t eat

February 22, 2012

One floor below my office is the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen. Today the delicious smell drifting up the stairway was brownies or something that smelled like brownies. It may have been a chocolate cake. I thought I smelled bacon, too. Anyway, my stomach growled all day.

Working above a test kitchen has its advantages. Let me tell you what else floated up by email from the kitchen this afternoon — an invitation that read, “We hope you’ll join us for an exclusive cocktail hour. Enjoy specialty, handcrafted cocktails, featuring Godiva Chocolate Infused Vodka.” Yes, we have wonderful vendor presentations as well as taste panels for recipes.

I’m drifting off track. Chocolate…

One of the first presentations I attended in the test kitchen was about vegetables. The director mentioned that sprouts have the most surface area of any common edible plant, grow in warm and humid conditions, and are the most likely to be contaminated by bacteria. She said she never ate them. From then on, I have never eaten them either. In fact, the smell of one sprout will put me off an entire sandwich, even if it has bacon in it.

This week, an Iowa woman sickened by sprouts tainted with E. coli filed a lawsuit against a national sandwich chain. She is one of a dozen people in the Midwest whose recent E. coli poisoning has been linked to raw clover sprouts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning consumers against eating raw sprouts, which are one of the most frequent perpetrators of foodborne illness.

I’ve eaten raw oysters, Rocky Mountain oysters, scrapple, and fish soup with things floating in it I couldn’t identify. But I don’t eat sprouts.

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