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Burlap prom dress

February 23, 2012

The subject of prom dresses came up last night, as in, “We need to go to Des Moines on Saturday to look at prom dresses,” said Caroline. With barely a pause, Bob replied, “I’ve got some wool bags in the barn for you to make your dress this year.” He was only half kidding. Caroline has been to 37 proms and homecoming dances since ninth grade, or so it seems. Each dress is $100 or more, some much more.

This year, Michelle also needs a prom dress. Her mother in Sweden reminded her, “You are only going to one prom,” meaning, “Don’t spend much.” Actually, I think she really meant, “Nobody in Sweden would be caught dead wearing those gaudy gowns.”

My friend Janine is bringing down a few dresses her daughter wore to proms. They may fit the girls. We’ll see. Caroline says she is going to sew all her 4-H ribbons together to make a dress. Maybe Michelle can make her dress out of cornstalks?

This would make a good Project Runway challenge.

Here is Caroline getting into her burlap prom dress, or something like that.

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