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Auction picking and scrap selling

February 24, 2012

Bob is off today, so he’s either at the farm tearing something down or at Alter Metal Recycling selling scrap. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

When we visit my folks in Maryland, Bob and Dad are out the door to an auction the minute we arrive. Two of Dad’s favorites are Hill’s Auction in Landenberg, PA (Check out the Facebook page for what’s being sold there this week), and Racine Auction in Bayview, Maryland.

At Racine’s last month, Dad and Bob saw two chairs similar to the one below, but in worse condition. Dad commented that they could buy them for scrap, thinking $2 would do it. When the chairs set off a bidding frenzy and sold for $2,400 total, Bob and Dad were astounded. They had never heard of George Nelson, father of modern furniture design. To them, these 1962 works of art were worth nothing more than the value of the metal frame sold for scrap.

The lesson is, if you want to know what barn scrap is worth, talk to Bob. If you want to know the value of old farm machinery, talk to Dad. If you are into modern furniture, talk to urban hipsters in Philly.

Here is a fun slideshow on How to Make Money Selling Scrap Metal.

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