Getting a manicure on the farm | Living the Country Life

Getting a manicure on the farm

April 18, 2012

Our streaming LambCam video caught Bob and Caroline trimming hooves and tagging lambs last night. All the ewes in this photo were moved into larger pens on the east side of the barn, with more pregnant ewes taking their place.

We learned a lesson this year. One very pregnant, very swollen ewe started suffering from vaginal prolapses. After a few days of prolapses she stopped eating. A few days later, Bob performed a c-section and removed live triplets. But she wouldn’t eat or nurse. Two days later she delivered a fourth lamb, dead. Bob couldn’t believe he missed that last lamb, but quads are unusual. Lesson: If a ewe starts prolapsing it could mean lots of big lambs; put her in a pen and give her extra grain. Get those babies out early.

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