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April 27, 2012

I grew up 30 miles south of New Holland, Pennsylvania, and would often ride with Dad to the town’s livestock auction market to sell our feeder pigs. My sister and I would hang out in the barns and watch the Amish children play.

This week I rode by that sale barn in an Amish wagon on my way to a New Holland Agriculture media event. The company has brought more than 15 new products to the market in the past two years and wants to tell farmers about the innovations. The products serve the entire range of agriculture, including large cash crop farmers, dairy and livestock producers, small farmers, and rural lifestyle enthusiasts.

Below are a series of photos from the event. For much more information on the products, visit

Abe Hughes, II, VP North America, welcomes everyone to the original headquarters of the company. New Holland was founded in 1895 by Abe Zimmerman and is the leading company in the world for hay harvesting technology.

We enjoyed a ride to the company headquarters in an Amish wagon.

The massive T9 with tracks is targeted at the largest grain producers in North America and especially popular in Western Canada and the Dakotas.

I’m not going to buy one this year for our small farm, but it sure was fun to climb aboard.

Here is a classic workhorse for the company: The T6 pulling a round baler. New Holland has sold 200,000 round balers and 700,000 small square balers. That’s a lot of hay!


Speaking of hay, here is a stacker for small square bales. My husband would love one of these!


The Rustler is New Holland’s utility vehicle. It’s made to be both practical and fun to drive. I took it around the track and up and down a hill. Great ride! That’s Dan Valen in the seat next to me.

Meet the MegaCutter Triple Disc Mower-Conditioner. If you want to cut down more hay in less time — 29 feet of hay with each pass — this is the machine for you.

This tractor is not a toy! The popular Boomer series has expanded to include two new models: the 23 hp Boomer 20 and the 27 hp Boomer 25 . The line now includes six models ranging from 23 hp to 47 hp. “The new Boomer 20 and 25 compact tractors are the ultimate power tools for homeowners, landscapers, hobby farmers and others who live the rural lifestyle,” says Dan Valen, New Holland’s Residential/Commercial/Municipal/Utility Marketing Segment Leader. “And, like all Boomer tractors, these are real tractors for real people who have real work to do,” he says.

The TS6 and Powerstar tractors are perfect for livestock farms.

New Holland segment managers push for new ideas and alternative ways to deliver products and innovations that farmers can use every day to make their lives easier.

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