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May 17, 2012

I traveled to Nashville this week to check out new products from Kubota Tractor Corporation. The fancy tractor above is part of new generation of deluxe M-Series tractors. The Grand X is available in four models, up to 118 PTO horsepower with a 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine which meets the EPA 's Interim Tier 4 regulations. The Grand X cab is one of the largest in its class and features an unobstructed view and room for two adults. Compared to the standard M-Series models, the Grand X cab is 10 inches wider with 7 inches more headroom. With a massive windshield and skylight, "The Grand X is the ultimate luxury workhorse," says Kubota Senior Product Manager, Paul Williams (below).

Kubota also introduced the M8560 and M9960 tractors, which are upgraded models adding strength, comfort, and efficiency to its M-Series. The newly-designed 4-cylinder diesel engines (above) produce cleaner emissions.

I also got to drive Kubota's new fuel-injected utility vehicle, the RTV400Ci, and a larger diesel model. We attached a broom and cleaned the streets around the arena. Fun!

For more information on all these products, visit Kubota.com.

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