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Visiting the country cousins

June 22, 2012

Bob's sister Carolyn and her three children visited us recently from California. It's always great to watch "city" kids have fun on a farm. The first morning they were up at dawn running to the barn to see the animals. Carolyn had to monitor the barnyard in her nightgown, hoping nobody noticed. That afternoon we walked to the pond, following the sheep trails across the pasture. The goats had jumped the fence into the alfalfa field and the kids stopped to pet them. Claire got manure on her sneakers, and Adam spied something really gross by the compost pile. I had to cover it up quickly. You don't want to know. That night I let the kids dig potatoes (you would have thought it was gold), pull onions, and pick squash. That was followed by a long time at the kitchen sink washing the potatoes. That was Owen's favorite job. Our dinner consisted entirely of produce we grew and meat we raised.

Farm camp. You can't beat it.


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