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July 16, 2012

My peaches are ripe! I have one small tree in the grove and it is ready for harvest one month ahead of last year. The tree blossomed very early this spring and didn't get frosted, so here we are in mid-July with branches breaking from heavy fruit and peaches dropping on the ground before I can pick them. We had to kick the sheep out of the grove because the branches were dipping lower each day, within reach of the ewes who stood underneath eagerly waiting to gobble the fruit. Now the ewes wait on the other side of the gate for me to throw them bruised peaches.

Next year I will learn how to properly prune the tree so the limbs don't break with heavy fruit again.

Meanwhile, I cook down the smaller damaged fruit and run them through my apple grinder to remove the skins. Cool the juice in the fridge and then mix it with sparking white wine or grape juice and you have a delicious Bellini cocktail -- perfect for warm summer evenings in the backyard.

Have a wonderful week!

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Joycedolan04 wrote:
What zones can you grow peaches and do you need two trees to pollinate?
dashousepoms wrote:
Hi Betsy, always read your Blog. What I also wanted to say was, we use to live where we had a peach orchard all around us. First they use to prune the peach trees when they were full of beautiful pink colored blossoms. Then, when the baby peaches were about the size of a fifty cent piece, the orchard owners would hire workers to beat about a 1/3 of the peaches off of the tree with a plastic baseball bat. This would allow the peaches to get huge in size. This was at Susquahanna Orchards in Delta, Pa. The peaches are so good, that when my daughter married and moved 2 1/2 hrs. away, she still goes there to get her peaches! Deb
betsy+freese wrote:
We live in southern Iowa and I only have one tree. Next year I'm trying the baseball bat idea! Half of my branches broke off with the weight of the peaches this year. Big thing now is the drought. I hope all my trees survive.
betsy+freese wrote:
Thanks for the advice and I am going to beat my tree with a bat next spring!
dashousepoms wrote:
Hi Betsy, I see that you use to live in Maryland. That's where we just moved from. We lived in Harford Co., Md. near Bel Air for 30+ yrs. Now we live near Bedford, Va. In 1986 we moved to Pa. for 4 yrs. and had a horse farm, then we sold that and moved back to Md. The farm in Pa. is where the peach orchard is. To me it was a sad sight to see all the pink blossoms and later the small peaches on the ground. BUT, it did make such a difference in the peach size. Hope it all works for you when you try it. Deb

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