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County Fair!

July 27, 2012

We have an old-fashioned county fair, and we love it. The Warren County Fair kicked off this week with the queen contest. Caroline was one of eight outstanding contestants, and the crown went to her friend Darcy Baker. The contest was a wonderful learning experience for all of the girls.

Next up was the sheep show (Caroline helped her friend Lauren in the ring) and the goat show, where Caroline had four entries. She placed second, third, and fourth in classes. There were 60 goats in the show this year -- a record number, and three times the entries from last year. Goats are hot.

Last night was the vegetable show, and I entered what I could from my garden. (The high heat and drought killed my cucumbers and squash.) I placed first in white potatoes, white onions, and peaches. I placed second in yellow onions, red potatoes, and white cabbage. And I had the largest potato at the fair -- 1.1 pounds. I was asked how I grow such large vegetables. Answer: Take sheep manure and old hay, compost it for a year, and then till it into your garden.

Here are some photos from the fair. The hog show is Sunday, so more to come next week...

Caroline is fourth from the left. Darcy Baker is in the white dress.

Caroline is in pink; Lauren in blue. Lauren had the champion pen-of-three lambs. It was hot in that show ring!

Showing goats.

The largest of the quads, a spotted wether of 100 pounds, is second in the heavy class.

My cabbage is the pretty green one in the middle.

The judge weighs my big white spud. It beat the big red potato below by 1 ounce.


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