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The difference between sheep and goats

August 1, 2012

Warren was grilling brats the other night and heard a loud clickity clack coming from behind the barn. He went to investigate and saw this -- a perfect example of the difference between sheep and goats. The lure of tree leaves is too much for goats to resist, and their dexterity allows them to climb slippery surfaces. It took them an hour of climbing, sliding, jumping, climbing, sliding, jumping and climbing again before they mastered it, but by the next day half of the leaves on that scrub tree were eaten. The lambs just stand around and watch them. I wonder what they are thinking?

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heidrunsgrove1 wrote:
I know exactly what you mean. I have metal hog huts in my lots and pastures, the intention was for weather protection and loafing. I know the sound of a parade of kids jumping from one hut to the other, racing at high speeds, one right after the other. It is quite a sight and very loud sounds. Playing Goat of the Mountain is great too. Best part is the hilarious jumps and twists they do, especially those who are trying that trick for the first time. It's one of my favorite things to watch!
betsy+freese wrote:
Goats are far more entertaining than sheep!

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