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State Fair!

August 10, 2012

I walked the Iowa State fairgrounds last night with magazine editors from New York City (Ladies Home Journal, More, Family Circle, Parents, and Fitness.) They loved it. We enjoyed bacon on a stick, a ride in Ye Old Mill (100 years old and totally lame, but that is the point), pork chop on a stick, gazing at the Big Boar, a demonstration of lamb fitting (it's wool, not fur), a relaxing sky ride, and tour of the cake entries.

My daughter, Caroline, and her friends are working at the lamb producers' stand tonight if you go to the fair. Good luck to all the exhibitors!

Lone Oak Farm of Indiana won the Big Boar Contest with Reggie, who weighed 1,335 pounds -- a record that topped the 2008 champ: 1,246-pounder Freight Train.

Here is the best cake at the Iowa State Fair. Yes, that is a cake.


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