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Riding the trails with Polaris

August 20, 2012

Lewis and Clark were here. But I bet they weren't driving a Polaris Ranger XP 900 utility vehicle. Poor sods. 

I was lucky enough to attend a Polaris media event last week at the Bull Run guest ranch in Cascade, Montana, a 12,000-acre property full of trails. I drove three different vehicles up and down mountains and across pastures. What fun! I also rode with a guide who took me on even more remote trails where we spotted a huge bear standing on a hilltop, long-horned sheep, and a mule deer buck.

My favorite vehicle was the smooth-riding Ranger XP 900, above. The engine in this new model is now under the rear cargo box, making it a quiet ride. The cab seats three, so there is lots of room. With 60 horsepower, it is a workhorse with get up and go, which would have come in handy had that big bear charged after us instead of going over the back side of the hill. This is a great machine for a farm or acreage.

Here I am driving another fun little model, the RZR. This 570 side-by-side is for recreational use and loved by trail enthusiasts. It is very agile and easy to drive. I am not experienced and it didn't take long to get used to this. 

Here is our lineup of machines for one of the morning runs. Beautiful country! 

Some of the wildlife I saw (sorry, didn't get a photo of the bear in time. I think I was in shock):

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