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Pond problems

September 4, 2012

Our pond is suffering from drought. The water level has dropped considerably, leaving some plants high and dry. The ewes graze around the edges in places they couldn't reach before. I haven't seen any dead fish, so the oxygen levels in the pond must be okay. We need lots of moisture this fall and winter to make up for the past year. A long, cold winter could be a disaster for the pond. Fingers crossed. Here are photos of the pond today, followed by a photo in a normal year.

The only green grass in our pasture this year is around the pond, so that is where you will find the ewes. You can see the brown pasture behind them. A spark would set it on fire.

Note the duck nesting box on the far shore, above the water line this year.

The photo below shows the nesting box on a normal year, submerged in water.

Before the drought.

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