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Yard projects long overdue

September 6, 2012

I hired a landscaper to start work on our front yard. We remodeled our porch this summer and ripped out the old concrete sidewalk that went to the road. It looks like a giant mole went through our lawn. It was never level to begin with, and the drought made good grass die and deep-rooted weeds thrive. It's time for a complete make-over.

Mom sent me a packet of old photos recently, including this one from 1966. My sister, Molly, left, and I are washing something in the front yard of our Maryland farm. I think Mom just made up chores to keep us busy.

What struck me about this photo, aside from my crazy short bangs, is the general neglect of the lawn. I guess Mom was too busy with three young kids (my younger brother, Ross, was probably on her hip when she took the photo) to seed, weed, or mow the lawn.

The point is -- you will never have your place in perfect condition, so you tackle projects when you can. Now that Bob and I have an empty nest it's time to do something about our lawn. Most people who have visited our place would say we are 20 years late on the project.

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