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Muscle cars

September 17, 2012

First, Bob trades a goat for an old car. (That foreign tin cup went to the scrap yard after many hassles with a junk license and removing the gas tank.) Next, he buys a 1968 Chevy Impala the color of our old refrigerator. This was not a goat trade, but it would have been worth at least eight. It only has a bit of rust here and there. To make it a trifecta of old cars, last night he hauled in a rusty yellow Buick Skylark with four flat tires and parked it by the barn.

The empty nest has become a full garage. Or junkyard.

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dashousepoms wrote:
Maybe better than what I did when the kids were all gone. I started raising Pomeranians dogs. I now have twenty! Sometimes, my pure husband didn't even know we were getting another pup until I told him we had to go to the airport. With nothing at home to baby anymore, raising puppies from birth to 8 weeks helps the mothering instinct. Since we have retired and moved to the country, I still have the dogs, and now have 20 chickens, and I'm waiting to get a pair of Pygmy does to be born anyday now. I keep telling everyone that it's for my 2 granddaughters, but really they're for me!
betsy+freese wrote:
Sounds like a zoo at your place! Maybe you should get horses, too. HA.

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