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Farm tours!

October 5, 2012

Living the Country Life and Successful Farming took guests from Japan and California on a farm tour this week. The visitors were amazed by the technology, loved talking to the farmers, and even walked right up to hog barns and manure storage without hesitation.

I will drop some photos below with captions to tell you about the farming operations. Stayed tuned in a later blog to see photos from a beautiful acreage we visited.

We started out on the McClure family farm in Dallas Center, Iowa. The visitors were amazed at the size of the grain bins and machine sheds.

The farm's well-used ATV was of special interest. Even a corn cob through the radiator didn't keep this machine from working hard.

Mike McClure was harvesting the last of the 3,000 acres he farms with son, Jon. They gave the visitors rides in the combine, tractor, and grain truck.

On a normal year, this field would yield more than 200 bushels of corn an acre. This year, drought cut the yield in many areas to about 140 bushels.

An afternoon stop was at the Rod and Misty Bice farm in Woodward, Iowa. The Bice family feeds cattle and hogs, and farms about 1,400 acres.

The Bices use byproducts from ethanol production in their cattle rations.

The Bice family owns three barns that hold about 1,100 pigs each, fed from weaning to market for Smithfield Foods.

At the end of the day, we stopped at Rube's grill-your-own steakhouse in Waukee, Iowa. Farm to plate in one day!


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