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Miles acreage

October 10, 2012

Last week I visited a lovely acreage near Dallas Center, Iowa, and wanted to share a photo tour with you. I will put captions under the photos. Enjoy!

David and Loree Miles bought this late 1800s farmhouse as a vacation home, restored it, and then started spending more and more time here. Eventually, they moved to the 50-acre property full-time and put their house in the city up for sale.

David commutes to Des Moines each day for work, and Loree works from home.

Loree has a dozen hens in an enclosed pen. She gives away any extra eggs.

Electrified wire around chicken wire keeps every varmint out.

This huge treehouse is a favorite place for the grandkids.

The property has two ponds stocked with fish. Much of this upper pond has dried up in the drought. The water that is left is home to big bass. The Miles are adding an aerator to keep the water oxygenated this winter. The lower pond, unseen in the trees, is still doing okay.

Loree's garden is done for the season, but the produce has been canned and stored.

Loree has four bee hives, and gathers the honey on a regular basis. She gives away her honey and canned vegetables to friends and family.

A previous owner of the property loved model planes, and even had an airstrip to fly them. David kept one of the planes to show visitors.



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