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Caroline and college

October 12, 2012

For years, this blog was full of my teenage daughter, Caroline, probably too full for many readers. That girl again?! Caroline went off to college in August and I've been trying to respect her privacy as an adult, and not be a Helicopter Mom. Everything seems to be going well. She lives in the same dorm (by accident) where Bob and I lived and met 30 years ago. The steps of that building are seared into my brain because I walked up and down them so many times as a freshman and sophomore. Dorm life suits her well, and she has made close friends. She joined the college's boxing club and works with a trainer three nights a week. Now she is talking about sparring in matches. I don't like that idea (her face, teeth, and brain, dear God!). But she will make up her own mind. She's not on the farm throwing hay bales or wrestling sheep, so she needs to use her muscles.

Here is a photo she posted today from the dorm lobby (Caroline is on the right). I looked at it and realized, Hey, that's my jacket! I think those are my jeans, too.

You go, girl.

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lothringen wrote:
That's all fine and everything but what about Iowa State football? Every year the Cyclones rise up and defeat a top team. They already did it to TCU this year. Now there's OU and OSU on the horizon. Go Cyclones, and let's get these girls in some school colors, yo!

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