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Fall calf sales

November 26, 2012

Fall is prime time for calf sales. Bob and I went to Bosch Farms Limousin sale on Saturday. Owner Bob Bosch, Indianola, Iowa, does a great job of penning the animals in like groups and providing detailed information on the yearling bulls, hiefers, and steers so the 4-Hers and other buyers can quickly evaluate.

The sale is set up as a silent auction -- or private treaty sale. A base price is listed for each animal. If you want to place a bid, you let a family member know. Your bid is posted and may be increased by any bidder in $50 increments until the end of the sale that day. At that time, Bob opens the bidding, beginning with the calf with the highest bid. Bidding is limited to previous bidders and is in $50 increments. The calf is sold to the highest bidder. Any runner-up bidder is eligible to bid on another calf in the sale. Payment is expected before the animal leaves the farm.

Below is an example of the yearling bulls. RMKR Zion Nationals was born March 21, 2012 out of Mr Tom and Miss Shimmer. Bosch Farms says, "Zion is a very complete bull that combines thickness, depth of body, and structural correctness - all in one package." Starting price is $3,500.

Bob Bosch, left, with Bob Freese


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