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Leg of lamb for Christmas

December 10, 2012

We sorted another 24 lambs for the sale barn on Saturday, this group averaging 132 pounds. This is our third trailerload this fall going to Colfax Livestock Sales. The market price has improved each trip -- this time reaching $.99 a pound, the top price at the auction. That beats the $.80 we got earlier in the fall, but is far less than the $1.65 received last winter.

Our lambs are perfectly uniform, after 25 years of a closed herd on the ewe side, and extremely healthy. We don't even hear a random cough. Bob says their perfect health is because it was so dry this year and the hay was top quality.

We also took four lambs to the local locker. Bob picked up the meat today and shipped some on dry ice to my parents in Maryland. Roast lamb of lamb for Christmas!


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