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Games people play

January 3, 2013

What's your favorite card game? Every Christmas the extended Freese family plays 500. We set up card tables and split into pairs. Younger kids learn by sitting with an adult for a few years until they are old enough to understand the left and right Jack, trump, bidding, following suit, and other parts of the game.

In the photo above, I have my back to the camera and am playing with my brother-in-law Randall. His son, Graham, is to my right. On my left is Matt, my niece's boyfriend. Yes, we teach the boyfriends and girlfriends to play, too. Once they win a few rounds they can marry into the family. Just kidding.

In the photo below, Grandpa Freese has his back to the camera. He's been playing 500 for almost 500 years, I think. That is Aunt Lois to his right. She is an old hand at the game, too.

There was a fourth card table out of camera range. All told, we had 16 people playing cards for four hours one afternoon. Good times.

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