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Udderly good ideas

February 1, 2013

I attended Ag Connect Expo this week in Kansas City. My favorite session was by Cheryl Mohn, founder of Udder Tech in Lakeville, Minnesota. Cheryl was milking full-time on the family dairy operation when she dreamed up a product to shave 20 minutes off of her milking time. She designed the Towel Tote so everything she needed -- towels, pre-dip and post dip -- were handy. With a $2,000 loan from her parents, she launched Udder Tech in 1994.

Today, one of the company's most popular products is a calf blanket. Made of Thinsulate and with quick-release buckles for easy on and off (no velcro to get dirty), it is a hit with vets and farmers.

In fact, by total coincidence, my husband, Bob, sent me the photo above of a newborn calf, named Buttercup Ritchie, he was treating at the vet clinic this week. It's wearing an Udder Tech calf jacket.

That brings up another good point: It's frigid out there! Calving season always starts on the coldest week of the year. Below is the homemade, rigged up calf warming hut Bob uses at the clinic. It works!


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mahafakir wrote:
I believe the people are making false claims on products. like products that will shave twenty minutes of milking time. I'd not buy any products like Calf jackets, udder bags and hand milkers and there are millions of products that people would like to sell. The other day I saw a woman with two dogs. One dog just had a jacket like the calf in this blog is wearing. The other had a full dress with four legs and a jacket enclosing the entire body of the dog. If people would want to give their calves what they want what they would want is to be able to suckle the teats of their mothers rather than a jacket. This is not to say I'm against milking cows like Peta people do. I believe cows are meant to produce milk for humans and it makes no difference if their calves have no jackets.

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