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Front Porch: Before and After

February 7, 2013

I am planning projects for our acreage this spring. 2012 was the Year of the Front Porch. After 100 years, the brick was cracked, the floor rotted, and the concrete steps crumbling. We found several local craftsmen to do the work, selected brick (I had no idea there were so many color and texture options) and flooring (again, many options), and wrote checks. Here are photos that show the porch before, during and after. There is still much landscaping work to do this spring. I can't wait to sit on my new front porch!


Our old cat, Marvin, loved the old porch even if it was cracked and peeling.

After we removed the old porch, people commented, "Your house sure looks different without the porch." Different = Ugly.

The ugly gets worse.

Marvin inspects the brick for his new porch.

New porch and new sidewalk, still wet.

Dirt work before winter sets in. This spring we will seed grass and add a few shrubs.


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rei42728 wrote:
Porches are here to stay!! Your house looks a lot like the one I have in Ky. It had wrought iron that fell apart but the corner posts were good yet. I had someone put a wooden railing in the gaps and down the steps. It looks great. It's for sale if anyone wants it with an acre of ground or even more up to 92! It's completely maintenance free outside. Wrapping of trim is the way to go.
rei42728 wrote:
If anyone is interested in the house in the last comment, contact me at
Gofornot wrote:
Beautiful. I grew up with a front porch. Today, I have a back porch and use it all the time.

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