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Winter Fun

February 2, 2015

If it's going to be cold, I want snow on the ground. I got my wish with 11 inches.

My amaryllis finally bloomed, so I took it outside for a minute. What a cheery flower on the kitchen windowsill.

Bob only likes snow if he is skiing, so chores in this weather are truly a chore. The ewes don't seem to mind the cold weather. They have a warm barn bedded down with hay.

Here are a few fun photos from the past week.

Caroline's self-portrait is hanging in the Memorial Union at Iowa State University this semester. Check out more of her art here:

I met Donald Trump at a land meeting in Des Moines. He was hinting about running for office while promoting The Apprentice and telling Mitt Romney: You're Fired! Peoples Company, the meeting sponsor, gave Trump an acre of Iowa farmland. What should he plant?

Iowa farmer Chris Soules, The Bachelor on ABC, visited our office Feb 3 to talk about farming. He didn't spill the (soy) beans about his choice for wife.


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lothringen wrote:
As anyone can see, a man like Bob does the work that makes the world go. I got no truck with the rest of it. Bob Freese for president.

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