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If You Give a Vet a Smart Phone

February 12, 2015

Bob finally got a smart phone, chucking his ancient flip phone that couldn't text or take pictures. Now he's documenting in photos every client call and move I make around the acreage. Good grief.

Thank goodness he's not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media.

"What I do with these photos?" he asked the other night. So I downloaded them for my blog. I'm actually excited about seeing what he'll come up with this year. A veterinarian sees some interesting things. I will have to cull the gross for you, dear readers. Here's a start.

This outstanding Hereford came to the vet clinic for papers and tests before a big cattle show.

This hen didn't mind the snow. Bob says she was playing tic-tac-toe in the fence shadows.

Our kitten Mickey loves to rest with Bob's old Howdy Doody Texaco doll.

Here's the problem. Bob sneaks up behind me with his darn new phone and takes photos of me in my robe taking early-morning photos for my blog. This could get annoying when I'm gardening.


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