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4-H Leaders

February 23, 2015

I've been thinking about 4-H, as two people from my 4-H years died last week.

Edith Kilby was my 4-H leader in Calvert, Maryland. She encouraged me to enter demonstration and speech contests and required all members to keep detailed record books. The photo below shows Mrs. Kilby on the right and Mom on the left after I was crowned the county fair queen.

Mrs. Kilby was a dairy farmer, a teacher, a writer, an artist and much more. She lived to be 97. You can read more about her wonderful life here.

Sadly, a 4-H friend died last week. Ned Sayre was only 53. He owned Waffle Hill Farm in Churchville, Maryland. The newspaper clipping below shows Ned, my friend Tona, and me at the old Esskay pork slaughtering plant in Baltimore. We were learning how sausages were made (you don't want to know). I can still smell that scrapple room.

Ned was always blasting music from a boom box in his cattle show pen at the Maryland State Fair. I asked him about one song, Rosalita. "You don't know who Bruce Springsteen is?" he exclaimed. He was shocked. I went home, bought two albums, and got hooked on the Boss. Thank you, Ned. You can read more about Ned's life here.

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