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Cow C-section

March 30, 2015

On Friday night I went with Bob to the vet clinic to watch him perform a c-section on a cow. Often these procedures are done in the field, but this cow was brought to the clinic and able to walk into the squeeze chute.

This was a recipient or "recip" cow that was carrying an embryo transfer calf. The calf, which will hopefully win in the show ring one day, weighed more than 100 pounds and not able to be delivered naturally.

Many C-sections are performed with the cow standing. An epidural (a nerve block of her perineal region) prior to surgery reduces the amount of straining. Local blocks are also used to numb the surgery area.

A large incision is made into the abdomen so that one horn of the uterus can be brought to the outside. The uterus is carefully incised and the calf is delivered. The uterus is then closed, the area is rinsed with sterile fluids, and the abdominal incision is closed.

About 90 minues after the cow arrived she and the big calf both walked out to the trailer and went home.

You can read more about Cesarean Section in Cattle here:

Big calf. Bob is sewing up the cow.

Hello, World.

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