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Lambs and Lilacs

April 27, 2015

Storms dropped more than an inch of rain over the weekend, so lots of hay bedding was needed for the youngest lambs.

Watch a video of the lambs behind our barn here.

This is a sweet time of year. My lilacs are blooming in the back yard and the new lambs are jumping for joy behind the barn. Last night we opened pens and let a new batch of babies out of the barn. The sound of baaaaaas could be heard for miles, I'm sure. Moms are trying to gather their offspring around them (not easy with triplets) and lambs are scared because mom is out of sight over at the hay feeder. Everyone settles down by sundown. We added lots of bedding behind the barn because it rained all weekend.

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lothringen wrote:
Fun video, too. Thanks, Backyard Blogger.

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