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Pond Party!

June 15, 2015

Bob and I hosted the Meredith Agrimedia staff -- Successful Farming, Agriculture.com, Living the Country Life -- last week at a summer kick-off party. There was a fishing derby at our pond and BBQ dinner in the farm shop. Thank you to Bob for cleaning out the shop!

The temperature at the pond was a muggy 95 degrees. The evening ended with a storm blowing in and dumping an inch of rain, along with a little hail. Fun times!

Kansas wheat farmer and crops editor Bill Spiegel caught the biggest fish, a foot-long bass. Bill also caught the most fish (four).

Art director Matt Strelecki, right, removes the hook so the bass can live to see another day.

Radio editor Jodi Henke (standing under her tent) provided worms for bait and the prizes, including a beer can bobber.

Business editor Dan Looker used an antique tackle box and fly fishing gear. The hat appears to be an antique, as well. Dan waded out into the pond until someone spotted a huge snapping turtle watching him from a few feet away.

The Morton farm shop where the food was served is shown behind Dan and below.

This was a few days after the party, when Caroline set up a secret art project in the clean shop.


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