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Trip to the Berry Farm

July 7, 2015

Bob and I spent last week on my home farm in Maryland and a few days on the beach in Delaware. Enjoy some highlights!

Mom and I had been picking blueberries on my cousin Jen's farm and she was heading to the house to make a pie. Dad had the berries in his utility vehicle up ahead.

One of our boxes. So beautiful.

Up in the black raspberry field, Dad is supervising as Bob and friends Cooky and Kenny Howett pick.

My raspberry box after just a few minutes in the field.

I finally got Bob away from the sheep and hay fields. Although, on the drive through rural Delaware on the way to the beach he saw a farmer baling and stacking a rack of wheat straw. "We should stop and I could help him," Bob said seriously. Later, on the beach, he said, "I wonder if that guy finished that field?" And, "If you would have let me stop it would have been the perfect day."

The end of a perfect day for me.

My sister-in-law Lana's delightful new patio made of paving stones Dad found at an auction.

Lana's beautiful heritage turkeys.

My friend Robin came over to make mojitos.

Mom's porch -- one of my favorite places.


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