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Amazing Skittles Art

July 20, 2015

Caroline just completed a fascinating art project in our farm shop. She made a self portrait (of sorts) as a collage made out of 20,000 Skittles. This is an Iowa State University focus grant and the final result, once framed, will hang in the Memorial Union next April. I hope the candy survives!

Caroline first drew her portrait to use as a guide, and then researched all the possible Skittles colors. Unlike M&Ms, you can't buy individual colors of Skittles, so she had to buy an assortment of flavors and sort the colors. She made her hair blue to contrast with the yellow background.

She painted an outline of the picture on two sheets of plywood and positioned a camera on a ladder.

She starts attaching Skittles to the face first. She quickly realized how much glue the project is going to take.

The face is almost done.

Time to work on the green shirt.

The shirt is done.

The left board is done. The background was originally going to be yellow, but Caroline decided orange accents would make it more interesting.

Finishing the hair.

Finishing the yellow and orange background. She is now weeks into the project. Some of the color on the face has started to fade and ants have sucked the sugar out of some Skittles. The shop is struggling to stay cool in July heat. Caroline researches and tests clear coatings and finds one to spray on the collage.

The project is complete! (Frame to come later.) We carry the two halves into the house for safekeeping.

I tease Caroline with this comparison.

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