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It's Fair Time!

July 24, 2015

Our county fair is this week, and I'm showing flowers and vegetables. Our family was also in charge of working the pork producers' food stand one night, so Caroline came home to help. Our oldest son, Nowlan, also came home for a visit and helped me dig and sort potatoes. Here are photos from the week.

Cramming my flower entries into the Prius took some engineering. Nothing got crushed on the way, thanks to Caroline.

My Mandevilla Sun Parasol won a blue ribbon, as did my hybrid tea rose, purple zinnias, gold daylily, and impatiens.

Nowlan sorted all my potatoes by size, shape, and condition (I had a lot of bug holes this year). He did a great job, because I won the white and gold categories.

Competition was fierce in red potatoes this year and mine did not place.

My giant white potatoes won the class.

Working the pork stand. (Caroline never stopped moving.)

The view from the counter.

Speaking of pork, the hog show is the largest ever this year with more than 300 entries. Pigs are three to a pen, but they don't mind.

I'm back in the show!

The funnel cake options are out of control!


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lothringen wrote:
A fresh Iowa pork loin sandwich for $5. I'll take three. Congrats on your ribbons, Betsy, 'specially that grand champion market lamb!

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