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Chicken Health Care

August 12, 2015

Bob got a chicken emergency call the other night, and it wasn't a disease issue with a flock. It was one pet chicken. He explained the cost to the owner up front and she readily agreed.

This hen, named Louise, was three years old and perfectly tame. It stood or sat on the exam table without a squawk or flapping of wings. The owner, a young woman who owned a small backyard flock, smoothed the hen's feathers and talked to it.

The problem was an infected rear end. The cause was unknown and I will spare you the details, but it was gross. Bob wasn't sure he could save the hen, but he cleaned the wound, flushed it with saline, and gave antibiotics. He also put a mixture of honey and iodine in the cavity. Honey has antimicrobial benefits.

The hen recovered and her wound is healing nicely. She stayed overnight in the clinic and went home the next day.

A few days after I wrote the post above, I got this photo from the vet clinic:

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lothringen wrote:
Careful. With her newly repaired keester, 'looks like Louise is fixin' to play some Chicken Bingo on that square patterned carpet!

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