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Landscaping with Sheep: Step by Step

August 25, 2015

All the rain this summer turned my (so-called) landscaping into a jungle. Vines covered the lilacs and bridal wreath spirea on the west side of the lawn, even climbing the nearby evergreen to the top. I could see poison ivy hiding in some of the bushes. Ugh.

Bob decided to call in the big guns. He fenced off portions of the yard and let the ewes have a feast. Once they finished, he ran the chain saw and I used the loppers and rake to clean it up. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Let the "little lambs eat ivy."

Step 2: Clean up what's left.

Step 3: Move the ewes to the next patch -- lilacs overrun by Virginia creeper.

Step 4: Cut back the lilacs to a small patch and let the ewes eat the discards.

Step 5: Fence off the bridal wreath bush and let the ewes eat away.

Step 6: Fire up the chipper.

Step 7: Continue chipping the twigs, trees, and defoliated vines and bushes.

Step 8: Dump the chips in the washout area of the pasture lane (after adding a few more branches).

Step 9: The chips slow water down during heavy rains.

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lothringen wrote:
Step by step. Good to see Dr. Bob gettin' a hand around there.

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