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Loading Up, Heading Out

October 20, 2015

We marketed our first lambs of 2015 last week, taking five to the Indianola locker and 24 to Colfax Livestock Sales Co. The lambs were born in April and grew quickly. The Colfax lot averaged 138 pounds and brought $1.55 a pound. Bob is taking another trailer load on Saturday.

For the first three weeks in October we had zero rain, so conditions have been perfect for harvest in Iowa. Bob is spreading the old compost piles on the pasture for fertilizer. It's so seasoned it barely smells. He's now building new piles with old bedding from the barn.

Loading the trailer at dawn.

A few of the April lambs weighed 150+ pounds. That's fast growth.

This is not dirt.

Hauling fertilizer to the pasture.

Cheryl Tevis (right) retired last week after 36 years at Successful Farming magazine. No editor has produced more pages of copy for the magazine in its 113-year history. I have worked with Cheryl for 31 years and will miss her. I know she has many projects back on the home farm in central Iowa. Congratulations, Cheryl!

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