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Storing up for winter

November 10, 2015

Bob is washing all the farm equipment and storing it in the big machine shed on our crop farm for winter. He has to drive the tractors down a stretch of the four-lane highway leading to Des Moines and I try to follow him closely with my hazard lights blinking. Commuters can be so rude and dangerous to farmers in slow-moving equipment.

That time you washed the manure spreader without a mask. And then wanted a ride in my car.

A bin-busting corn crop at the local co-op.

Soybeans on our farm near Middle River. These pods are on high ground, but some of the bottom acres flooded when the river went out of its banks last summer. USDA numbers show Iowa farmers smashed the soybean production record this year. The harvest of nearly 550 million bushels will beat 2005 by 25 million bu. Average yields were 56 bu/acre.

Caroline took this photo of a leucistic squirrel on the Iowa State University campus. It's not an albino squirrel, which would be entirely white with pink eyes. This one just has rare white fur.

I attended a swine disease seminar at Iowa State University. Here are my exciting updates on pig health!

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lothringen wrote:
Just have to acknowledge that swine article, Ma'am. That is some rock bottom, fact packed information. A ham on the Thanksgiving table this year.

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