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Getting Ready for Christmas

December 1, 2015

Caroline helped me string lights on the fence around the grove. It takes many, many strands. Most are in knots, even though I bundle them carefully after Christmas. A few strands are burned out each year, so I buy a few more. The lights are a welcome sight for me coming home from work in the dark.

Next job on the list: Cut the tree. Caroline did all the work, sawing and hauling. The tree farm is next door, so we get the fresh tree in the stand within 20 minutes of cutting it.

The tree looks simple and lovely. We decided to just decorate with a single, long string of lights this year. Our two young (half-wild) cats scattered ornaments across the living room last year.

Here is Mickey, waiting for his plate at Thanksgiving.

My favoritie holiday habitat.


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lothringen wrote:
Really, what Is up with Christmas lights? You put them away all orderly but by next year they've wriggled themselves in to a Gordian knot !

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