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Spring Sunshine

May 19, 2016

Our small farm is green and growing! Bob was able to mow the first cutting of alfalfa last night. It was choked full of invasive wild mustard. We are going to need to reseed our fields with Roundup Ready alfalfa so we can kill that weed next spring. Nothing else seems to work, and the mustard has spread into our pasture now.

Meanwhile, the lambs are loving the sunshine and acres of grass. Bob has one bottle lamb he feeds morning and night. 

My irises are blooming and smell divine. My garden is growing. It's a great time of year!

No, that's not Mountain Dew. Bob puts milk replacer in old pop bottles. Our lambs are hyper, however. If you want to see them race around our barn, go here: https://www.facebook.com/livingcountry/videos

The skylights on our lean-to leaked this spring, so Bob is covering them with tin. He should be wearing a safety harness.

I took this as night fell. Bob was still working in the barn and the sheep were enjoying the last of the day's grazing. We lock them behind the barn at night for protection.

Trimming feet with help from the Spin Doctor.

Mowing the weedy alfalfa. Darn wild mustard.

My favorite spot in the yard.

These are my favorite irises. The leaves are purple velvet.

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