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June gardens

May 31, 2016

We had a lot of debate on the Living the Country Life Facebook page about whether these are peonies. They are. The plant is about 100 years old and a single form peony.

Bob found a stack of old straw in a corner of the hayloft and I'm using it to mulch my garden.

We found these tracks in the mud near the barn. Coyotes? Dogs? (We don't own dogs.) We have foxes, but these prints are too large.

My peaches are growing, but the leaves suffer from peach leaf curl, a fungus that hits during wet springs. We need to treat with a fungicide after the leaves fall in November.

A hot air balloon floats over our pasture.

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lothringen wrote:
What up with Meredith, I wonder. Some city people buy them out? I just deleted Agriculture.com from browser Favorites, new format there all business and no soul, plus headline cells too big. Heck, it's this site that lead me to them.! Thanks for the earthy posts here. 'Long as they last, this is the place to be.

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