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The finer things in life

June 28, 2016

We are not traveling anywhere for vacation this summer. A staycation in my backyard in Iowa can be pretty sweet. My garden provides veggies for every meal, the yard is perfect for reading on a nice day, and the opera is in town! 

A bee in my milkweed.

Caroline went to opening night at the opera with me. I bought her strawberry dress in a vintage store for $20. It's from the 1960s. Love it!

It's worth a trip to Iowa to see our wonderful summer operas. Check it out:

Next to an ocean beach, this is my favorite place to read. My only complaint is biting flies when the air is still. But that can happen on a beach, too.

My garden changes every week. The lettuce is done, so I planted butternut squash in its place. The onions are starting to fall over, so I will pull them to dry soon.

Bob started creep feeding the lambs and they are growing like weeds. They haven't been weaned yet, but the ewes are getting very thin nursing twins and triplets, so it's almost time. 

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lothringen wrote:
Verdant Ag post. Thanks.. Plus Andy Warhol called, 'wants to do a series of works on C in white dresses, based on her Show, and here. - Who lined up her plate garnishes to continue the pattern like that? And why is that wine untouched?

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