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Restoring a Wetlands

July 13, 2016

A portion of our 400-acre Iowa farm floods almost every year when the nearby river comes out of its banks. This flooding has become more frequent in the past decade. Changing weather patterns and farming practices upstream may be the cause. Last year, the river flooded our farm in December – that is crazy. This spring, the land flooded after the corn was planted, so about half had to be replanted. You can see the lighter green corn in the drone photo below.

In April, we enrolled the most flood-prone 200 acres in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). It will be restored as a wetlands. Seeding work begins once the crop is harvested later this fall. I will document the process as we go along. It's going to be interesting!

The bottom half will be wetlands next year. On the far horizon is the Principal building in Des Moines. Bob and I, plus David Ekstrom, the drone operator and photographer, are standing at the top of the terraced hill by the farmstead.

Bob and the conservation planner look at the damage flooding has done to the bridge.

Preliminary plan of the wetlands area.

Walking out into the short corn.

Another view of our beautiful terraces. This part of the farm will remain in production agriculture - soybeans next year.

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