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Farm to Table

August 31, 2016

My garden is so weedy, I didn't know I had these melons until I tripped over them. It's rained every third day this summer. That's my excuse. I'm not taking a garden photo unless the produce is cleaned up and on my kitchen table. How's your garden?

Courtney Yuskis helped me serve lamb at the Iowa Sheep Industry Association stand at the Iowa State Fair. The most popular item was seasoned lamb in pita bread with a cucumber sauce, lettuce, and tomato. Many people had a chance to try lamb for the first time. (Not sure why I wore a Bacon shirt to serve lamb!)

Bob and I attended a wedding in Willmar, Minnesota, at Stonewall Farms last weekend. The barn was lovely. I thought for a few seconds about converting our barn to a wedding venue. HA.


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