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Glorious Fall

October 25, 2016

What a beautiful fall. We mowed off the garden last weekend and found a watermelon hiding under the raspberry bush. That was a surprise! I took the last of the tomatoes and peppers to the kitchen and made salsa. The kale just keeps going after a light frost, so we left it -- along with the fall crop of cilantro. Bob mowed it off last month and the herb came back strong. We also found several butternut squash in the weeds. Once he mowed the garden, I saw the tips of sweet potatoes I had missed earlier, and dug those. I really have a weird garden. 

We took five lambs to the locker for processing. Our local locker closed this summer, so we had to drive an hour away. We also took a load of 22 lambs to the livestock auction. Prices are down.

Bob has been busy washing all the farm equipment and driving it to the machine shed for winter storage. He considered trying to make a fifth cutting of alfalfa, but came to his senses.

At the livestock auction, these pigs sold for $24 each. That is cheap pork. Bob wishes he had bought five or six to feed this fall. Corn is cheap, too.

Caroline spent extended time this fall with my parents on their farm in Maryland. What a blessing.


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